Be a Fresh Food Family

Looking for a way to turn giving back into a family affair?

Sign up to be a Fresh Food Family and help make sure everyone in our community can access healthy food this spring.

As a Fresh Food Family Team, you’ll collect the funds needed to make sure our neighbours in need can access fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, and healthy protein this spring by hosting an online food driveEvery $50 you raise will provide fresh food for a family of 4 for 1 month.

Set a goal that’s right for you, and we’ll provide your team with a personalized online food drive page and everything you’ll need to rally support from your nearest and dearest.

Throughout the campaign, we’ll send out Fresh Food Facts to teams with age-appropriate ways for families to talk about food banks and who uses them, the role food plays in connecting us and what hunger looks like in our city to help inspire conversations about these important topics.

Then, join us for Family Food Sort Day at our warehouse on April 14th to celebrate your success, get a hands-on tour of our organization and help us sort the food collected from our Spring Food Drive.

Ready to get started? Sign up here!

Questions? Please contact Leslie at 416.635.7771 ext. 21 for more information.