Leadership in Logistics


Here at North York Harvest, on top of distributing food to more than 15,000 people each month, we are dedicated to long term solutions to poverty and creating sustainable livelihoods.

That’s why with the support from the Metcalf Foundation and The Learning Enrichment Foundation we have launched an exciting new program for individuals currently receiving Ontario Works.  Aside from being a stepping stone in breaking the cycle of poverty, the program gives participants a chance to take charge of their own lives with the confidence and training to succeed in promising careers.

Together we are able to provide skills development and experience-based learning right here in the NYH warehouse!

Students like Tammy are able to gain valuable technical skills and certifications in our operating environment – after all, we are the food distribution hub for more than 77 food programs in the city.

“Being a busy mom, I felt the program benefited me by giving me hands on work experience and training that was essential in coming back into the workforce.” – Tammy.

This program is designed to propel graduates into careers in the warehousing and logistics sector. In fact, after Tammy graduated she became an instructor in the program paying it forward!

Recently we have just had the honour of graduating another 10 students of the program.  This latest group of students is already off to having successful careers in the field with half of them already gaining employment while the others have exciting job interviews lined up!


“I learned that if I stick with anything I can finish it! Everyone here is so supportive!” says Mark, one of the recent graduates.

Saheed, another graduate also received some local fame, appearing in an article for the Toronto Star talking about how the program has given him a new opportunity in life.

The Leadership in Logistics program is one of the many ways that North York Harvest is working to make a difference in the lives of our community members!

We’re currently looking for mentors and employers to get involved in helping those seeking meaningful employment through this incredible program!  Please contact Rowena Power at 416-635-7771 x 30 or email rowena@northyorkharvest.com

Are you currently receiving Ontario Works and would like to join other Leadership in Logistics students in learning high demand skills and certifications? Sign up here!

Would you like to donate and help this program flourish? Click here!


djamila_st September 4, 2019 at 9:16 am

Like i said my heart has always been clean n true for you i cant even think how life is gona be with out you n how im gona live it with out you by my side

djamila_st September 5, 2019 at 9:36 am

I love the idea of a poll! I know that all these ideas work well because you taught them to me and I have found a way to survive in the organic reach game!

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