MTY Group

mtylogoMTY Group is an amazing new partner that we are delighted to have join us for a hunger free Toronto!  In 2016 they ran a food and fund drive and donated $10,000 to provide food for their community. They have a very competitive edge as employees were divided into four groups to sort food with the winning team sorting over 11,000 lbs. of food over a volunteer session! We’re looking forward to a fantastic partnership moving forward through the years.

About MTY Group

These three principles have made MTY Food Group inc. one of the largest franchisers in Canada’s restaurant industry.

MTY Group is a family whose heart beats to the rhythm of its banners, the very soul of its multi-branded strategy. For over 35 years, it has been increasing its presence by delivering new concepts in quick-service restaurants and making acquisitions and strategic alliances that have allowed MTY Group to reach new heights year after year.

By combining new trends with operational know-how, the banners forming the MTY Group now touch the lives of millions of people every year. With more than 2,700 stores, the many flavours of the MTY Group have the key to responding to the different tastes and needs of consumers today and tomorrow.