brandactiveThe BrandActive team has been a great example of what we call a 360 partner.  They give food, funds and time.  But we are not just talking about a couple of hours of volunteering.  Their time comes with some serious flares of creativity, hard work and resources.

“I want the way we give back to be reflective of our people.  I’m passionate about the food bank because of its focus on dignity and providing people with more than just food. I want this passion to be contagious.  I’ve seen over the last few years that our employees are taking ownership and getting excited to give back to their community. For me, that’s what engaging my employees really means.” says Robynne Budish, Partner at BrandActive

Last year, 500 people came to the Back to School Community BBQ. They shared a meal and receive a backpack filled with $60 worth of school supplies.  That’s $60 they can save and spend on food for their families. It’s just one great example of what businesses in our community are doing to support our neighbours in need.

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