Community Kitchens

Our community kitchens program run in our community food spaces in partnership with supporting agencies in each area.  Programs focus on cooking well with food bank items, learning about different cultural foods,  nutrition, food handling and other important kitchen skills.

Oriole Food Space

The community kitchen runs several times a year at the Oriole Food Space.  Each series offers a new and interesting theme and may be geared towards adults, children, seniors or a mix.  To find out more contact Daffodil at

Kitchen Creations Grant

Through the support of Food Banks Canada and Unilever’s Kitchen Creations Grant, North York Harvest Food Bank was able to run community kitchen programs in partnership with Unison Health and Community Services in both the Lawrence Heights/Neptune and Keele-Rogers communities. These programs focused on nutrition education and food skills development for youth, seniors and other members of our community. For more information contact Sahar Ghafouri at