A Home for Holly

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This week’s guest blog is a client story by Holly.  Thank you so much Holly for sharing your story!

Guest blog by Holly B

My name is Holly and for most of my adult life I have been transient. 

I also suffer with mental health and physical problems. I am unable to work and found it very hard to settle down. Although for the last couple of years I have found permanent housing. I thought I would be able to do everything on my own.

I was able to pay my rent, phone and medications with the little money I had. Food was always last.  Being a type 1 diabetic that takes insulin every day, eating properly is very important. I soon found that I could not do everything on my own. I found the closest food bank to me and soon found out I was receiving more than help with my food.  I found a sense of community. I was meeting new people and gave me a good reason to get out of my house and not isolate myself. 

At this point in my life I was in a bad relationship and the woman who patiently listens to everyone and their problems every Thursday offered me a opportunity to give back to the community and separate myself from my partner at the time. I was given the gift to help every week with deliveries. Now not only have I made new friends, community, help with food in my fridge, I was also given the gift to give back. I no longer just have a place to live, I have a home! 

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