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Toronto floods: North York Harvest Food Bank’s shelves left empty after power outage – Global News (July 18)

Calls for support from local food bank – City News (July 18)

North York Harvest Food Bank sees major damage after recent flooding in Toronto – City News (July 18)

GTA food banks asking for help to recover from flooding – CBC News (July 18)

Flooding causes $50k in damages at Toronto food bank – CBC News (July 18)

NYH Director of Operations discusses flood and power outage impact – 640 News (July 18)

Flood damages store room at North York Harvest Food Bank – CP24 (July  18)

A food bank is asking for help after Toronto flooding causes $50,000 loss – Toronto Star (July 17)

1 in 5 Canadians know someone who accessed a food bank – CP24, (June 10)

Is this the future of food banks? – About That, CBC (June 04)


How a former nurse came to rely on the food bank – CTV News Toronto (December 21)

Toronto Black Farmers in Downsview fighting food insecurity by teaching locals to grow food – CityNews (December 8)

‘Crisis levels’: New reports shows 1 in 10 Torontonians relying on food banks – Global News (November 14)

Toronto Food Banks at ‘breaking point’ amid rising costs, report finds – Global News (November 14)

‘We are in a crisis’: 1 in 10 Torontonians now rely on a food bank, new report finds – CBC News (November 14)

One in ten Torontonians now rely on food banks – twice as many as the year prior – Newswire (November 14)

North York food bank’s ‘double whammy’: as demand soars, so does its rent – Toronto Star (November 10)

Behind the Unprecedented Rise in Food Bank Use – The Local (October 31)

Food banks across Canada experience overwhelming demand – (October 25)

More students depending on food banks – CityNews (September 12)

North York Harvest is more than just a food bank – CTV Toronto (July 26)

North York Harvest offers more than food – Omni News Cantonese (July 26)

A ‘mini-city’ could be coming to York Centre and community groups want in – CBC Metro Morning (June 21, 16:21)

Is there more interest in voting this time? – CBC Ontario Today (June 19, 02:15)

Key issues for food bank users in this mayoral by-election – Omni News Cantonese (June 14)

Food bank serves up BBQ with a side of civics to get out the vote in Toronto’s byelection – CBC News (June 9)

Demand at food banks prompts new tactics for clients – CTV News (April 24)

I’ve worked hard my whole life and I can’t afford food – Maclean’s (May 26)

CTV Your Morning – (May 30)


Social impact hub ‘vital’ to North York Harvest during pandemic – Toronto Star (March 9)

Giving back in a time of need – CityNews (July 25)

CBC Toronto News – CBC (July 25)

Food bank volunteers helping to feed families in Newtonbrook – City News (September 23) 


Feed Your Heart – Milénio Stadium (December 23, p. 5) 

La Hausse du Prix de Aliments Pourrait Atteindre 7% en 2022 – CBC Radio Canada (December 9)

Bathurst-Finch Food Bank Sees Sharp Spike In Users – Toronto Star & (November 25)

Who’s Hungry Report Noting the Existing Food Insecurity Crisis Amid the Pandemic-CP24 (November 15)

Toronto Food Bank Visits Up Nearly 50 percent in the Last Year-CP24 (November 15)

Bulk Buying, Couponing and Urban Farming: 3 Ways of Fight High Food Prices (October 24)

North York Harvest Hosts Pop-Up Food Bank for Pets (July 23)

Stepping up for North York’s Under Served – (May 30)

Pop-up food bank at public library a lifeline for some north Etobicoke residents – (April 19)

Food banks aren’t meant to be long-term solutions in a pandemic – Global News (January 24)


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