Through your legacy gift you will have a lasting impact on your community by supporting individuals and families who come to North York Harvest Food Bank.

Rooted in the communities we serve, North York Harvest addresses the immediate and vital need for emergency food support, while also advocating for long-term solutions and working to address the root causes of poverty – the true source of food insecurity in our city.

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Your Will is Powerful

We have partnered with Will Power, a national movement to educate Canadians on the power they have to make a difference through their Wills.

By designating a gift in your will, North York Harvest Food Bank, will have the additional resources required to cultivate a sustainable future, one that builds capacity and extends beyond emergency food support. This is your opportunity to assist families struggling with food insecurity in a meaningful way, and help build a brighter future for everyone.

In this way, you will be joining with other supporters who have helped secure the financial future of North York Harvest and the network of community agencies our organization continues to serve.

Leaving a Legacy – Anne’s Story

black and white portrait of Anne

As one of North York Harvest’s longest, most beloved supporters, Anne strongly believed in the need for nourishing children. Her care for her community and the opportunity North York Harvest gave to children and families was evident in her ongoing support.

As Anne had shared,

“When children are deprived of food they are also deprived of a future.”

Leaving a legacy gift to North York Harvest was Anne’s way of giving back to her community and helping future generations.

Anne’s legacy and tremendous support will remain with us and continue to have a lasting impact.

What is Your Legacy

two woman eating small cookies on a bench

Speaking with your family about your plan to make a gift through your will and why it is important to you is an essential step when you are designating a legacy gift. Family members may have questions about your decision and this gives everyone an opportunity to understand the impact and meaning of your gift.

Along with having a discussion with your family members, speaking with your professional advisors will help you in organizing and planning your legacy gift.

Wondering how your future gift would be used? Find out about how we use donations here

Turn your Will into a powerful tool for change

The Will Power website has resources and useful tools for beginning and directing the conversation about how you can turn your Will into a powerful tool for change.

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For more information, we suggest you consult with your financial advisor or attorney.

Contact Our Team

We are a proud partner in the Will Power movement, and you can visit our Will Power page here to learn more about including North York Harvest Food Bank in your will.

Legal Name: North York Harvest Food Bank
Charitable Registration Number: 11906 2495 RR0001
Mailing Address: 116 Industry Street, Toronto, ON M6M 4L8

To learn more about planning your legacy gift, please contact
Maria Soares, Development Manager
416.635.7771 ext. 33

On behalf of the North York Harvest community, we extend our sincerest thanks for leaving a legacy gift of hope and making a lasting impact!