and Advocacy

At North York Harvest, our mission is to engage our community in meeting the food needs of northern Toronto by:

– providing dignified food assistance
– education
– focused advocacy
– and long-term food solutions.

North York Harvest is not just a single organization. We are a network made up of community members that access our programs, member agency food banks, staff, students, volunteers, donors, partners and leaders of all kind – and together, we believe in taking action to ensure our community can meet their food needs.

Through focused advocacy, we can use our collective voice to push for the solutions that will most impact our community and that will address the underlying issues that lead people to access emergency food. Working together, we can bring about long-term sustainable change in the city of Toronto.

“[It’s] time for all of us, in this time of crisis, to get truly serious about tackling food insecurity and demanding a world in which food is a basic human right, accessible to all. It’s the collaborative efforts we undertake and the principles we hold fast to that will make our society a little more sustainable, a little more equitable and ultimately more prosperous for all.” (North York Harvest, Annual Report, 2021-2022)


North York Harvest’s Recent Advocacy Efforts 

Open letter to the City of Toronto budget committee – North York Mirror (March 2023)

Ontario’s 58,000 non-profits call for $680 million provincial stabilization fund to weather COVID-19 pandemic – Toronto Star (May 2020)

Petition against provincial government cuts presented at Queen’s Park – North York Mirror (June 2019)


Additional Research and Advocacy Documents 

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