Food Banks

Youth Feeding Youth Food Bank

2141 Jane St, Toronto, ON M3M 1A2, Canada


Delta Family Resource Center – Kipling Heights

2291 Kipling Ave, Unit# 123 Etobicoke, ON M9W 4L6 


Delta Family Resource Centre – Humber Summit

2972 Islington Avenue, Unit 5


ANIDA Food Bank – Emergency Relief Project

4401 Steeles Ave W


Lawrence Heights Community Food Space

81 Varna Drive, Toronto, ON M6A 2P8


Lansing Food Bank

49 Bogert Avenue


York Memorial Presbyterian Church

1695 Keele St.


Weston Area Emergency Support

1 King Street, York, ON, M9N 1K8


Triumphant Food Bank

1 Elrose Avenue


Triumphant Food Bank

1 Elrose Avenue


Thistletown Food Bank

246 Jamestown Crescent


Syme Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre Food Bank

2468 Eglinton Ave West


St. Vincent de Paul, St. Thomas Aquinas Food Bank

640 Glenholme Avenue

Society for the Living

274 Eddystone Ave


Room to Grow Family and Food Support Services

8 Templar Drive


Oriole Community Food Space

2975 Don Mills Road West


Mount Zion Adventist Community Centre

140 St. Regis Crescent South


Community Share Food Bank

33 Overland Drive


Bathurst-Finch Community Food Space

550 Finch Ave West


Apostles Food Bank

10 Belfield Road