Give 30

A textured background with the words One World. One Humanity. Give Food and Hope this Ramadan among celebratory items.


Give 30 Campaign Background:

Ramadan is a time of year when people voluntarily go without food and drink in daylight hours to build empathy with those in need, and hopefully ease some of their burdens. That means no coffee, no lunch and no snacks for a month.

Ramadan takes place from March 23 until April 20, 2023, and this year’s Give 30 campaign runs until June 30. 

We welcome anyone, regardless of faith or background, to support Give 30.  Even a small amount can make a difference for your neighbours struggling with food insecurity.

Thank you for supporting the North York Harvest community!

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 416-635-7771 ext. 21.




One World. One Humanity. 

Compassion, Kindness & Solidarity During the Pandemic

Just because we have to keep apart physically, does not mean we cannot (virtually) come together in solidarity, compassion and kindness to help those in need. Let’s use the spirit of Ramadan, regardless of faith or background, to unite in common humanity. ~ Ziyaad Mia, Founder, Give 30

Read the full message from Ziyaad Mia here > 

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