Letter to the City of Toronto Budget Committee

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Monday, February 11, 2019 – Ryan Noble, Executive Director of North York Harvest Food Bank, submitted a letter to the City of Toronto Budget Committee, which was read aloud to committee members at their North York meeting. 

In what can only be called an emergency, Noble’s letter conveys the dire state of poverty in the City of Toronto. 1 in 4 Torontonians are living in poverty and there have been nearly 1,000,000 food bank visits each year in the city. Furthermore, food bank usage rose by almost 50% in the inner suburbs since 2008. 

“We cannot continue to relegate poverty to the side lines,” writes Noble. “We at North York Harvest have a plan. What we need is investment. Only then will we see outcomes, progress and success. And we are standing by, ready to support the process with ongoing research and input from the front line.”

Please read the full letter to the City of Toronto Budget Committee here

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