Weston & Mount Dennis

Population: 39,842
Area: 7.5 sq km
Median after-tax income: $38,900
% low income after-tax: 24.5%

About this neighbourhood

Weston and Mount Dennis have both been identified by the City of Toronto as Neighbourhood Improvement Areas in 2014. Located in the west end, the distinct communities of Weston and Mount Dennis have a shared history as former industrial centres which have welcomed diverse new residents in recent years. A rail corridor provides the eastern boundary of this neighbourhood and the Humber River runs through its centre. Key landmarks include Eglinton Flats and Weston’s historic downtown.

What we found

Based on our findings, we have provided this neighbourhood with the following grading:

Retail C-

Food assistance C

Produce markets B

Food skills & growing C+

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Food friendly highlights

Weston & Mount Dennis

Special thanks to City of Toronto, Toronto Public Health, Toronto Food Strategy, the Weston King Neighbourhood Centre, Learning Enrichment Foundation and Weston and Mount Dennis residents who participated in neighbourhood consultations.

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