Ramadan Campaign “Give 30” Supports NYH

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Every now and then I think about the amount of money I’ve spent on the little pleasures of life. An iced coffee on a hot day, a sandwich from the deli, an Uber ride to save a bit of time. It doesn’t seem like a lot in the moment, but when these things become part of my day to day, the numbers really start to add up. One Toronto resident was thinking the same thing, and now, along with hundreds of community members, he’s spreading the message that your small savings can add up to big impacts.

A few years back, Toronto lawyer Ziyaad Mia and a friend were having a laugh about all the money they were saving by forgoing their daily lunch and coffee during Ramadan, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. The joke gave Ziyaad an idea. What if this extra cash, saved as a result of his fasting, could go towards helping the millions of people across Canada experiencing real hunger?

Ziyaad brought the idea to his family and friends, and before he knew it he had started Give 30, an annual fundraising campaign designed to fight hunger in Canada. During Give 30 participants of all faiths, fast or take other measures to save during the day, and then donate the proceeds to their local food bank. Skipping a coffee, or a store bought lunch might not seem like a huge sacrifice, but after 30 days the savings are significant. Going into its fourth year the campaign has raised over $250,000 for food banks across the country!

The campaign’s timing couldn’t be better. Give 30 runs at a crucial point for food banks like North York Harvest, as food and fund donations generally hit yearly lows during the summertime. Even a small donation of $20 would be enough to feed 4 children at a youth shelter for an entire month.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a group of friends and make a game plan to save your change over the next month. Bring a home-made sandwich for lunch, brew your own coffee, or ride your bike to work. Your spare change will make a huge impact to a neighbour in need.

Give 30 launches on June 11th but you can start making contributions right now! Head on over to their website today and make a donation to a fantastic campaign.

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