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  1. Home Upgrades At No Cost to You

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    It won’t be long before we’re all thinking of ways to stay warm indoors but for many people heating costs are an added expense that can be challenging to fit into your budget. North York Harvest is proud to work with Enbridge Gas once again, to help North York  community members reduce their heating costs.

    Now in the second year of working with Enbridge Gas, the company’s Home Winterproofing Program is assisting more families and individuals at a time when they need it most. At North York  Harvest, we are strengthening our community by
    continuing to work together with partners such
    as Enbridge Gas. If the cost of heating your home is stretching your budget, the Enbridge Gas Home Winterproofing Program can help. Whether  you’re a homeowner or renter, if you qualify, you’ll receive free energy-saving upgrades to lower your natural gas bill and make your home more comfortable.

    What can I receive?

    The free upgrades include draft proofing to seal air leaks, new insulation to increase comfort and
    a smart thermostat to allow you to save energy
    easily, even when you’re away from home. All upgrades will be installed by a professional, at no cost to you.

    How do I qualify?

    The program is open to Enbridge Gas customers who meet the income guidelines or if you already
    participate in a government assistance program
    such as Ontario Works. Your home also needs to
    be heated with natural gas and the account must
    be in your name.

    If I rent my home, can I qualify?

    Yes, if you meet the income guidelines. You’ll  also need written permission from your landlord
    before the upgrades can be installed.

    Is this program really free?

    Yes! If your household income qualifies, there’s absolutely no cost to you. By helping homes reduce energy use Enbridge Gas is doing its part  in the fight against climate change. “It feels like my house has a warm blanket around it,” Dwana,
    program participant.

    How does it work?
    If your household qualifies, you’ll first get a free
    home energy assessment scheduled at your convenience from a trusted program delivery agent. Qualified contractors will then complete the installation of all upgrades, plus cleanup. A follow-up visit will also be scheduled to confirm that your home upgrades have been completed and that you’re satisfied.

    Please note that Enbridge Gas is actively  monitoring the latest COVID-19 updates  from public health and government officials. All program delivery agents follow the recommended guidelines during in-home visits,  including physical distancing, personal protective equipment and sanitization precautions. Find out more and apply to the program sign up online.

  2. Growing Stronger Through Our Network

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    Over the past 18 months, our partner agencies have been able to rely on our ongoing support in many different service areas. Operated by volunteers, Community Share Food Bank has been able to continue helping more than 150 families meet their food needs every week. Established in 2005, Community Share Food Bank provides fresh and non-perishable food to families on a weekly basis. As a member of our agency network, Community Share strives to provide healthier, more food secure community by creating a space where people can come together and feel a sense of belonging. Community Share Food Bank, that would not have been able to serve the community without resources available through North York Harvest.

    “Being able to lean on North York Harvest’s expertise as a larger, parent agency that has emergency plans in place and the resources available, we can grow, build and move forward in a much stronger way.” Diane Enhorning, past chair Community Share

    As a partner with North York Harvest, during the pandemic Community Food Share relied even more to get up and running quickly. Beginning with getting access to the Toronto Public Library’s Don Mills location to developing the infrastructure needed to operate safely, Diane credits the partnership with North York Harvest as being a major contributing factor to the ongoing success of Community Share’s programs.

    Now with a program manager in place, along with policies and procedures and the connections Community Share has established as a North York Harvest partner agency, Enhorning is looking forward to continuing to work, learn and grow. With brighter days on the horizon, it is an exciting time for Community Share to be able to bring additional resources and programs to the neighbourhood.