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  1. Catelli Pasta, Top Chefs & Feeding Hope

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    Whether you’re an athlete trying to fuel up before the big event, or a family settling in for a good meal, more often than not pasta is a very welcome addition to any dinner table. I know for me, nothing beats cooking up a fresh lasagna with a group of friends, or enjoying warm bowl of spaghetti after a long day. That’s why I was so excited to find out that Catelli Pasta was spearheading a project that would allow pasta lovers like me to expand their cooking horizons with some great new recipes, and support their local food bank at the same time.

    The campaign is called Help Us Feed the Hope, and its working to help pasta fans make a difference through their everyday shopping and cooking. Since April, Catelli has been running a coast-to-coast in-store promotion where they donate a serving of pasta to food banks nationally for every box of pasta purchased. “Summer is the slowest donation time for food banks, so this initiative helps the hungry when they need it most”, said Sandra Kim, Director of Marketing for Catelli. “Catelli is pleased to have the opportunity to help Canada’s food banks and make it easier than ever for Canadians across the country to join in the fight against hunger.”

    Feed the Hope also centres around a free on-line cookbook named the“Catelli Pasta Boost”. To create the cookbook Catelli teamed up a group of top chefs as well as some of Canada’s Pan Am Games athletes to create recipes that are both delicious, healthy and pack an energy boost. Each time you share the cookbook over Facebook, Catelli will donate one serving of pasta to a local food bank. Incredibly, just a few months into the campaign, Catelli has nearly hit its goal of 1 million servings donated!

    We at the North York Harvest got to see the impact of this amazing project first hand yesterday when chef Daniel Schick, executive chef at the King Edward Hotel in Toronto and cook book contributor, stopped by to donate of 13 skids of Pasta on behalf of Catelli. This donation will go a long way towards feeding our neighbours in need, especially during our slower summer months.

    Beside the fact that it helped to raise so many meals for our community, the cookbook is a real treat for any adventurous food lover. Recipes for Whole Wheat Linguini with Chicken Confit and Lemon Oil, Tortoglioni with Middle Eastern Chicken, and Wild Salmon Carbonara immediately got my mouth watering. But hey, don’t take my word for, check it out for yourself. It’s free and takes only a few seconds to access.

    Help a neighbour and need, and all I need to do is check out a great cook book? Seems like a no brainer right? Head on over to Catelli’s Facebook page and start making a difference today.