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  1. Happy Halloween!

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    Happy Halloween!

    We hope you enjoy all the tricks and treats you get today!

    Make this Halloween a little less scary for people that are hungry by providing meals in your community. Each donation of $1 provides 3 meals for people in your neighbourhood!

    Scare hunger away today!

    Provide 30 spooky good meals for $10

    Haunt up 60 dinners for $20

    Scare away 150 empty tummies for $50


    Together we can make Toronto a less scary place for people that are hungry!

  2. Hunger and Halloween

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    It’s that time of year again where we all get dressed up in our favourite costumes and scare up some fun.

    One thing that is truly scary though, is hunger in Canada.  Did you know that 13,000 of our neighbours use the food bank every month?  Another scary fact is that 1/3 of the food bank users are children.

    Yet with your help and the support of some fantastic initiatives put together by caring youth in our community, this Halloween can be about more than costumes and candy. This Halloween, join NYH and some wickedly awesome people to make hunger disappear.


    Trick or Eat is truly a great initiative put on by youth in Canada.  During Halloween, thousands of students from across Canada will go door to door collecting food and funds for community organizations (like North York Harvest)!  It’s a great experience for young people to come together as a community and make a difference when it comes to hunger in Canada.

    In preparation for Trick or Eat – Meal Exchange has organized a #TweetUp to discuss hunger in Canada.  We hope you can join us!

    We will be discussing food insecurity in Canada. What people are doing about it and what impact the newly elected federal government could have on the issue.

    Then when you go trick-or-treating on Saturday, don’t forget to ask people to give you a food item along with your candy.

    So come join the #TweetUp on Wednesday October 28th from 2pm-3pm EST using the hashtag #TrickOrEat and following @nyhfb and @mealexchange 

    RSVP on Facebook!



    We Scare Hunger is an initiative to assist with the growing food bank use in Canada.  This Halloween, Instead of just trick or treating, join NYH and Free the Children, to collect non-perishable items for the food bank.  What a great way for your kids to help others while having fun at the same time!

    So sign up today!  All it takes is a group of generous individuals like you to get together and dress up for the cause.  Not only will you get to help over 13,000 people that use NYH food banks every month but you might get some candy too!

    Signing up is easy!  Contact Leslie leslie@northyorkharvest.com , put on your costume and get ready to Trick-or-Treat on Saturday.

    This Halloween, let’s trick or treat for a city without hunger.