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  1. Guest Blog: Leaving a Legacy

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    1456425774f9c63It would only take a few minutes talking with me to know that the food bank is an important part my life.  No, it’s not because I need to use it myself – any more.  But I remember and I know how much it means to children and families that need them to get by.

    I recently took the time to think about what matters to me in life as I was preparing my will. My family of course.  My children and grandchildren.  But I also thought about how I have been donating to the food bank for many years – and I knew I had to include them in my will.  And here’s why.

    When I was a child, we were poor.  My parents didn’t have the means to give us the life that they wanted for us.  Every day, I would see that all of my friends had things that I could never hope to own.  I would stare in wonderment when I entered their homes and knew that I would never want them to set foot in mine.  I’m a bit ashamed to admit it but I was embarrassed of my life.

    Back then life was hard and there was one part of my life in poverty that will always haunt me.  Not having enough to eat.  That was probably the thing that scarred me the most.  We could never open up a cupboard or fridge and take out something to eat whenever we wanted.  There was seldom any food in the house.  Those were the days when there were very few places to go for food when you were hungry.  Every other week we actually got a decent lunch on my dad’s payday, but the meager amount of food bought that day would only be enough for a few days.  Being invited to one of my friend’s houses for dinner or lunch was something that I would never pass up and going to the free city camp was like heaven because I actually got 3 meals a day for a week.  I would find any excuse to go away somewhere because I knew I would be fed regularly.  Reading a catalogue was more about looking at the refrigerator pages to see what was in them.

    legacy kids

    My sister and I have conversations about when we first had our own jobs and homes, the first thing that we did was stock the cupboards and the fridge.

    Today my life is very different.  I have been blessed with a wonderful family and we never have to worry about where our next meal will come from.  Yet I never forget the days when I was hungry.  And I never forget that there are still children out there who are hungry every day.  It simply shouldn’t happen.

    Remembering the hunger pangs and many days of feeling unwell because we didn’t have anything to eat, I sympathize so much with these children that experience this nowadays.

    So as I think about my legacy, as I think of what I want to leave to this world I think about the food bank.  I have taken care of my family first and I have also made a space for people who are hungry today.  That is one of the reasons that I chose to leave a legacy gift to the North York Harvest Food Bank.  Now that I have left that struggle in the past, I have the means to leave a gift in my will that will benefit other children that don’t have enough to eat.

    No child should go hungry.  Children should never have that kind of memory to deal with. – K.C

    You too can leave a lasting impression in your community by making a legacy gift.

    A gift in your will to North York Harvest Food Bank will ensure that children, parents, grandparents and many of your other neighbours do not have to go a day without enough food to eat.  Because of you, their future will be filled with hope instead of hunger.

    Is a legacy gift the right option for you?

    To find out more about leaving a gift in your will, gifts of securities or estate gifts contact Maria at maria@northyorkharvest.com