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  1. Media Appreciation Week

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    We as a species are very curious and we want to know the facts.  Whether the story is the good, the bad or the ugly – I want to know what is going on in the world around me.  And I know how lucky we are to live in a country where freedom of speech is a protected right.  This is why I’m thankful that at any time I can pick up a newspaper and find out what’s going on in the world or I can hop online for the latest stories.  Whether it’s missing capybaras, politics or the many devastating stories that have happened in the world lately.  We want to be informed.

    This is why the media is so important.  They share our stories.  They connect us.  Without them, we would be isolated from each other and the rest of the world. From everyday issues to disasters, from pop culture to international developments the media is there to gather all the facts and bring awareness to us all.

    Here at North York Harvest we know that what’s happening in your community is something that you care about.  We want you to hear stories about the lives of our neighbours in need and the impact you are having.  But we know that when we have a great story to tell or want to share about the food drive that is running, sometimes our reach just isn’t big enough.

    And that’s when amazing members of the media step in to spread the word. 


    And so we this is why we are launching our first ever North York Harvest Food Bank Media Appreciation week.  So often the amazing media is there, sharing our stories, making sure the people in our community know more about hunger in Toronto, the food bank and people who need to use it.

    We are incredibly grateful. 

    All week we will be shouting out to the amazing media members in our community bringing us all closer together!

    To kick us off we turned the tables and interviewed Fannie Sunshine who has been a reporter with Metroland for almost 16 years and covering stories at NYH.  She’s been there for release of the Hot Pot Cookbook , our big move to the Learning Enrichment Foundation, to join us in receiving incredible donations and for much more.


    Because of Fannie’s incredible storytelling, we feel more connected to our community and think they know us a bit better too.

    So it’s time to get to know Fannie better …


    What made you get into journalism?

    I always liked writing and telling stories from a young age.  It came naturally.

    Why do you think media is important?

    I think we have a role to play in getting stories out to the public and letting them know what is happening.   It’s important to know what people are talking about.

    As the media, we have a responsibility to do it right.  People are curious and want to know what is happening in their city or streets.  They want to know about things that affect their daily lives.

    Why do you think freedom of speech is important? 

    I think people have the right to be passionate and say what they feel is on their mind.  Not everyone agrees or has the same point of view – people have a right to stand up for what they believe.  I would never want it to be restricted and it’s important in our society.

    How do you feel about the trust between the media and the public in regards to reporting truth and covering important issues? 

    In my experience – if it’s a hot topic, the community really wants their voice heard.  Sometimes they are pleased with how it is, sometimes they aren’t.  We must go to both sides to tell the story and try to convey their point of view as best as we can.  Not everyone will be satisfied, but the other side needs to be heard.  I try my best to get their message across.

    Why do you think it’s important to write about the food bank?

    People need to know that food banks exist whether or not they are clients.  They should know about what is in their community and where they can go to drop food off.  The food bank is an important organization to have in our city – some people might think they will never need it but you never know what can happen.   We should support causes in our neighbourhoods.  I want to inspire people to contribute to the cause.

    Without reporters like Fannie and all of the other incredible members of the media out there – we wouldn’t be able to share our stories with you in the same way.

    And so we want YOU to know:  You truly make an impact! Thank you to all our incredible local media for covering these stories.

    Do you work for the Media?  Hit us up and tell us why you think Media is important.

    Have you loved reading an article about the food bank or hunger in Toronto?  Join us in showing  your appreciation for these fantastic people on Facebook & Twitter using the hashtag #mediaappreciation