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  1. From Farm to Food Bank


    It’s always great when we can provide fresh and healthy food to people using the food bank!

    Did you know that local farms are also amazing supporters of the food bank? We rely on farms in the area to provide fresh food donations each week!

    Because of our incredible donors at Lincoln Mushroom Farm, we’re able to ensure that our neighbours have access to great, organic produce!

    I joined NYH driver, Alberto on a road trip to Stoney Creek, ON for a lovely tour of the farm as well to pick up a large donation of delicious mushrooms!

    Check out our photo tour!

    Alberto and our tour guide Bob are showing off only SOME of the mushrooms at the farm!

    Did you know mushrooms were grown inside?  This is one of eighteen growing rooms!

    Baby mushrooms in one growing room

    Ready to be picked

    I love portobellos!

    Filling one of the grow rooms with compost for the next batch

    Employees packing mushrooms for the food bank!

    Behind them is the size of delivery Lincoln Farms made to the food bank that day!

    After loading the truck with mushrooms to help the food bank, meal programs, community kitchens and much more!

    Mushrooms are a great source of B vitamins, fibre, minerals and vitamin D – a perfect addition to any meal.

    What is your favourite mushroom recipe? Here are some great recipes to try out next time you pick some mushrooms up for your family!

    Do you or someone you know have a farm and would like to donate fresh produce to help over 15,000 people that use NYH services each month?

    We’d love to share your passion for healthy food with our community!  Contact Rowena at 416-635-7771 ex 30 / rowena@northyorkharvest.com to learn how you can help!