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  1. Research Assistants Needed

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    Exciting Volunteer Opportunity


    Food Security Research Assistants

    We are looking for volunteers to assist our organization to collect data by distributing self-administered surveys to our food bank clients. These surveys will be administered between June 1 and July 7.  Volunteers will be working with our Evaluation Coordinator.


    • Recruit food bank clients for a customer satisfaction survey at 15 neighbourhood food banks across North York
    • Assist with data collection by distributing self-administered surveys to food bank clients during

    Food bank opening hours (vary by location)

    • Assist clients with survey completion where necessary
    • Ensure the completeness of the survey where possible
    • Ensure client confidentiality at all times
    • Assist with data coding, data entry, and data verification using Excel


    • Have experience in survey research or have strong interest in learning about survey research
    • Have an understanding of food security or have strong interest in learning about food security
    • Have the ability to travel to and from Food Banks that are part of North York Harvest’s Agency


    • Understand the importance of client confidentiality and data integrity
    • Understand anti-oppression and anti-oppression practices
    • Possess good interpersonal skills
    • Possess data entry skills (accuracy and speed) would be an asset
    • Have the ability to speak other languages besides English (e.g. Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) would be an asset

    For more information please contact:

    Irene Cheung, Evaluation Coordinator at irene@northyorkharvest.com

     116 Industry St. Toronto ON M6M 4L8, Telephone: 416-635-7771 Fax: 416-635-5599