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  1. BrandActive Makes an Impact

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    Isn’t it wonderful when you see people working together and committing to a cause with great passion?  I’m lucky because I get to see that kind of enthusiasm each day at North York Harvest.  One of the companies that we have been grateful to work with is BrandActive.

    BrandActive has been a very important partner with North York Harvest for years.  They have quite a suiting name as well because they are very active in helping others and making a big impact. We are constantly amazed by the commitment and passion shown by this group of wonderful people.

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    I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Robynne Budish, who is a cofounder of BrandActive.  As a long-time supporter of her community, Robynne always knew that channeling her values through her business was important. I loved hearing her energy and passion as she shared how her company is involved in making a difference.


    For the past two years, BrandActive has collaborated with NYH to hold a Back to School event for the community. “I know I could write a cheque or come in to sort food once in a while. But because of the resources I have through BrandActive, I am able to make a bigger impact,” says Robynne.  As an outreach activity, her team purchased school supplies and packed them in backpacks for over 500 kids in the community.  “I loved overhearing how excited people were to see what was in those backpacks.”   Most families have to stretch their limited budget when their kids go back to school.  Often it means less food for mom and dad.  “It might only be a backpack but that’s $60 they can save and spend on food.”

    BrandActive is also one of the top food sorters in the warehouse!  When they come in you can just feel the positive vibes that these employees have.  They were most recently in to sort food in the warehouse in December and they sorted an amazing 10,068 lbs. of food!  To put that into perspective – that food will make up hampers of food for close to 1,000 people.

    The outreach activities with BrandActive also resonate with the employees at the organization.  “A lot of people don’t realize how large the issue of food security and hunger is in our own backyard,” Robynne says of engaging her employees in community giving. “I am happy I can raise that awareness.  Some of my employees have also told me that they plan on coming back on their own time with their family.”

    But it wasn’t just motivating her employees that drew Robynne to the food bank.  “NYH does more than just provide food.  It’s trying to meet a deeper need for food security.  They are trying to have a greater impact.  That resonates with our company.”   


     “You realize that whatever you have in life is determined by what opportunities you are given,” Robynne told me.  “But I believe that everybody deserves respect no matter what walk of life you come from, no matter what opportunities came your way.  One of the first things I heard when I was here was about the dignity and respect that choice model food banks provide.”  

    “If everybody had dignity and respect for each other, imagine how much better of place the world would be?”

    Because of entrepreneurs like Robynne and companies like BrandActive, more and more people in the community are being engaged and becoming aware of the growing issue of food insecurity.  We are thankful for all of their hard work making a difference in their community.

    Wondering how you can get your company more involved?  Check our list of creative workplace fundraising ideas or connect with leslie@northyorkharvest.com today to plan your food and fund drive, corporate sort or talk about your creative plan for BIG IMPACT.