Theresa Pays it Forward

“I wanted to make sure others have the same chance I did.”

When you support North York Harvest Food Bank, your gift touches the lives of people like Theresa.

When Theresa visited North York Harvest for the first time, her hands were shaking. “I was so embarrassed to have to ask for food,” she remembers. The single mother was desperately in need of help to put food on her table, but as we often hear, Theresa felt ashamed of her situation.

Theresa’s situation, however, is not unlike the ones many others face in Toronto.

“I was new to the city. I came here because I thought I’d be able to find work. But it was harder than I expected. I almost didn’t come to the food bank. I wouldn’t have if it were just me. But I needed to feed my kids,” Theresa says.

Because of the generosity of our community, Theresa walked away with the food she needed and a new sense of belonging.

Just like 1 in 3 of our clients, Theresa wanted to “pay it forward”. Even though she was in a time of personal crisis, she was determined to give back so others could receive the same help she had.  She became a volunteer to create a safe, friendly space for her neighbours who were also struggling.

“I told the food bank manager to call me whenever she needed help — day or night. I wanted to make sure others have the same chance I did. I know this community needs help, so I’m helping in the way I can,” Theresa says, with a shy smile.

Five years later, Theresa continues to “pay it forward” by volunteering at the food bank.

Stories like Theresa’s happen at North York Harvest every day. Emergency food assistance makes life a little better and restores a sense of purpose and hope. People come in for help and find a community.

Your support makes sure that providing emergency food support is just the beginning of our relationship with people like Theresa.

And just like you, Theresa is committed to building a healthier community.

Will you join Theresa and give what you can to make sure our community members in need can find healthy food?

Thank you for making everything we do possible!