Fill the Shelves

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Every month North York Harvest helps over 16,000 people meet their food needs.  And we need YOUR help!

Our shelves are almost empty and we are out of stock on key items such as canned tomatoes, rice, beans, cooking oils, baby food and canned fish.  

With 47 member agencies and 77 food programs throughout Toronto needing orders filled, we are having a hard time making those orders possible. We’ve had to cut back on deliveries because we are simply out of stock.

The shelves, freezer and fridge are bare.  But YOU can help make a difference!

Make a donation so we can purchase healthy food here!

Come by the warehouse or run a food drive to help your neighbours in need!

Without you, we can’t meet the needs of men, women and children in our city.  Together we can fill the shelves and fill every plate.

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