Thank you for registering your food and fund drive! 

Together you will be joining other Hamper Heroes in providing food and hope to our community members in need!

We will connect with you shortly with additional information. In the meantime, please review the FAQs and feel free contact us at if you have any concerns.

Thank you!

Development Team



Please note:   we are no longer able to pick up food from community food drives.

Since the start of this pandemic, we had to shift our operation to ensure the safety of all our stakeholders. While we continue to accept food donation drop-offs (see below), we no longer deliver bins or pick up community food drives in the foreseeable future.

Wondering what you should donate?

Please see our list of urgently needed food items.

Food Drop Off Locations:

Non-perishable food donations can be dropped off at local fire halls or designated bins located in participating grocery drop-off locations.

Find your drop off locations here.

You can also drop off your donation at our main office and warehouse location at 116 Industry Street, weekdays 10:00am – 3:00pm.


If you would like to discuss further or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Please ensure that the expiry date has not passed on any donated food items!

All donors are protected by the Ontario Donation of Food Act, 1994 which absolves those who donate in good faith from liability.