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At North York Harvest Food Bank, we are so lucky to have AMAZING donors, volunteers and supporters make a difference in the lives of over 15,000 people in your community EACH MONTH!



Hi Everyone!

I am 11 years old and in grade 5 at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School. I got into volunteering at the food bank after my family and I went to drop off some donations and got a chance to have a tour of the sorting facility. My favourite part about volunteering is having a great feeling that I help out and being able to tell my friends about my experience and ask that they help out too.

For my birthday I was lucky to have 2 parties. One with friends and one with my family. For the family celebrations, I asked my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents to collect their loose change and bring it on my birthday instead of buying me presents.  It felt great when they brought their change and I put it into the container that I was collecting it in and brought it when we went to sort food in March. My family thought it was really cool and they promised that they will try to save more change for the next time I come to them to collect for the food bank. My cousins were happy to help.


My mom always tells us how lucky we are for having so much. Living in a nice house, having lots of toys and always food and snacks. She told us that not too far from where we live there are many kids who live in very sad situations. They don’t have toys, they don’t have a big house and many of them only get very little to eat. They have no choice of what to eat. 

My mom also told us that she has to decided every day what she is going to cook for dinner, but there are parents out there who have to decide between paying the rent or buying food. This makes me very sad. So that’s why I want to help out the food bank so that kids can have meals.

We plan to volunteer at the sorting facility, I am still collecting change to bring along. I am also going to make little things to sell to my friends to raise money. I have also invited friends to come with us to help sort food.


I think volunteering is fun and it makes you feel great!

Thank you,





Thank you, Chloe for being such an inspiration and helping people in your community!

If you would like to join Chloe in making a difference, see the many ways you can get involved with us here!

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