Isha’s Story

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This is Isha’s story.  But it is a story familiar to so many people in northern Toronto.

Isha lives with her 2 siblings, mom and grandma in public housing in northern Toronto.  Her mom works several jobs and her grandma is elderly and struggles with failing health.  Isha often has to take care of the meals for her family.

“Mom works a lot so I help by cooking and getting food for school ready but by the end of the week the fridge is usually empty.”

Often skipping lunch so her two younger siblings have enough to eat she is grateful for the afterschool program that she can attend.  “They get some good food for us and on Wednesdays we cook a whole meal together and I can take leftovers homeUsually it’s only a day or 2 until mom can buy more groceries. But when it’s longer, we can go to the program and get some extra food to help us get through. I’m not sure what my family and I would do without this help,” she shares. “It’s not just the food, its knowing there is someone in our community we can trust, someone who will be there for us.

This is the impact that you have.  When you donate to North York Harvest Food Bank, we make sure there is enough food for the people who need it most.

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**Isha’s name has been changed by her request

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