Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation

The Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation has
Mack_colour_CMYKbeen partnering with NYH since 2003. The Foundation strives to promote the following sectors, as determined by our employees: Social well-being and welfare in Canada, particularly for the benefit of underprivileged, challenged and sick children, youth and young adults, with a special focus on children and youth at risk. As such the close alignment with the food bank has always kept NYH close to our hearts.  Our employees volunteer at the food bank, run food drives and work in the community gardens all to give back to their community and ensure our neighbours have enough to eat.

About Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation

The Mackenzie Investments Charitable Foundation forms the heart of our corporate and employee charitable activities. This employee-driven Foundation coordinates community giving and donation activities on behalf of Mackenzie Investments.

Today, the Foundation is funded largely by donations from our employees. Mackenzie Investments matches all employee donations to the Foundation dollar for dollar, helping us double our efforts.

Our mission is to invest in organizations and programs aimed at helping communities in Canada. We wish to further Mackenzie Investments’ leadership among Canadian companies in community
involvement and charitable giving, and provide opportunities for our employees to give back to the community.  Visit their website for more.