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  1. Getting Social with Volunteering

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    Did you know that volunteering can be a great way to get out into the community and meet new friends?

    Gord and Bonnie have been dedicated volunteers with North York Harvest since 2015.  Every week they join us in the warehouse to sort food and help new volunteers get the hang of things.  Without them we wouldn’t be able to send out quality products to the food bank network.  You see, a lot of donations come into the warehouse and they need to be sorted for quality and into categories to ensure that food banks get what they need to better serve our community.  This means that dented cans, expired food and other unwanted items don’t make it out the door.


    When we have new volunteers join us (such as corporate teams or community groups) Gord and Bonnie are there to share their knowledge which enhances the experience for others.  But they aren’t the only ones teaching people, “Every day is a new learning experience,” says Gord, “So many foods come through here that I have never heard of – and I used to work in the grocery business!  People I sort with teach me about the food and how to use it in new recipes.”


    Bonnie and Gord both agree about their favourite part of volunteering at the food bank – meeting people from different walks of life.  “I enjoy meeting people from corporations, schools, seniors’ programs, special needs program and more! Volunteering is a great way to be social!” says Bonnie.

    There are many benefits to becoming a volunteer in your community!  Not only are you helping other people but you will also meet new people, learn new things, keep fit and build confidence. 

    Want to join Gord, Bonnie and hundreds of other people that make a difference in our community?  Learn more about the many volunteer experiences that we have available here!

    What else is amazing about volunteering? Check out 8 Great Reasons to Volunteer!

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  2. Eight GREAT Reasons to Volunteer!

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    Volunteers are incredibly important to their community!  I get to meet fantastic volunteers of North York Harvest every day and they always have a smile on their face and a great story to tell.

    Volunteers are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization!  Without your help, charities like North York Harvest would not be able to collect, sort and distribute millions of pounds of food that serves over 16,000 people each month!


    Did you also know that there are many benefits in becoming a volunteer?

    1. Learn a new skill. Did you know NYH volunteers learn skills such as safe food handling, cooking, building a budget and much more?

    2. Make new friends and meet interesting people. Meet new people with similar interests or people from different walks of life.  Bond with others while helping out in your community.


    3. Boost your resume. Volunteering is a job even though you aren’t paid to do it. Many employers and colleges find the skills you gain from volunteering very important when looking for a person to hire.

    4. Increase self-confidence. When you do good in the community, it really gives you a feeling of accomplishment and pride. These feel good feelings will go with you into other areas of your life such as work or friendships.


    5. Stay physically fit. Many of the volunteers at North York Harvest lift boxes and are on their feet moving around to sort food or serve food bank clients. But even if you have limited mobility there are many other ways to get involved such as making phone calls and helping in the office!

    6. Set a good example for your kids. Steffi volunteers with her family sorting food in the warehouse.   “We serve as examples for children through our actions more than our words. We have not ever used a food bank and many need to. So I want my children to understand this is a reality for many people in Toronto”.


    7. Minimize stress. Move beyond your day-to-day troubles that can arise from your job or stress at home.

    8. Make a difference! Volunteers are essential to maintaining a thriving community!  It wouldn’t be possible without you!


    When you volunteer, it is a gift to yourself and your community!

    Join us today as one of our amazing volunteers!  To find out what kind of opportunities we offer, click here!