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  1. No Child Should Go Without a Lunch

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    When you look back on your childhood summers, chances are that some of your happiest memories were spent outside playing on a sports team, going to summer camp, or taking a family vacation. But what if you had to choose between putting food on the table and giving your children an active and healthy summer?

    IMG_0372Abi, a mother of four and a social worker at a local women’s shelter, knows about tough decisions like this. Years ago she was forced to pull her daughter Toyo, a promising young basketball player, off of the summer team she played on because it simply wouldn’t fit in their family’s already tight budget.

    “It really came down to paying for food and rent, and paying for basketball, and as much as we wanted to support her being active and involved, we just couldn’t afford it”, Abi recalled.

    This reality check inspired Abi and Toyo to start the Lady Ballers Camp (LBC), a free summer program that reaches out to young girls in marginalized communities and gives them a safe, active and positive place to spend their summer vacation.

    Shortly after starting the program, Abi recognized the need for food assistance and reached out to North York Harvest for support.

    “In the past some kids would come without food, and it’s a very hard situation for them to be in”, she remembered.

    This year, thanks to your support, the camp was able to offer a free lunch program made up of your generous food donations. Your gifts are ensuring that children are eating what they need to have a healthy lifestyle and reach their full potential.

    “The fact that we can provide a uniform lunch for everyone makes for a healthier and a much more inclusive environment”, said Abi.


    The Lady Ballers are just one of the many North York Harvest member agencies helping your community members dealing with hunger. And the good news is that you have the power to keep their shelves stocked with the good food their children need! 

    To make sure that no child goes without a lunch this fall, please donate to North York Harvest Food Bank today.