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  1. Light Up the Season

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    It’s that time of year again!  CBC is teaming up with food banks across the GTA to raise food and funds to make sure our communities have the food they need to thrive.

    Sadly, we at North York Harvest, along with other GTA food banks, need your support now more than ever. Local, provincial and national reports are showing alarming statistics regarding food bank use in our communities.

    • Food bank use is up across Toronto, with the greatest increase in use happening in the inner suburbs, like North York. 16,000 people will turn to us this month alone to keep food on their tables.
    • 1 in 3 food bank users are children
    • 35% of food bank users will go an entire day without eating
    • Food bank usage of seniors has skyrocketed 26.5% in the past year

    Here’s how our community is taking action to change those alarming findings:

    Hilltop Middle School has partnered with us throughout the CBC Sounds of the Season Event.  They are focused on collecting the food bank items that are vital to the health of our neighbours struggling to put food on the table: rice, canned tomatoes, canned fish, beans and lentils and cooking oil.

    These amazing students have been working hard to make sure people in their community have nutritious food to eat.  Their activities have included hosting a school assembly, holding a class competition to collect food, and using their school newsletter and class activities to share information about hunger in Toronto.

    One of the students even went Trick or Treating on Halloween to collect items for North York Harvest instead of candy.  AMAZING!

    To celebrate the incredible work done by the students of Hilltop and the other schools participating on behalf of other food banks, we’ll all be having a friendly food sort competition at the Daily Bread Food Bank location on Friday December 8th.

    Want to help Hilltop? Make a donation on their behalf here!

    CBC has been a phenomenal partner in spreading the word about the state of poverty and food insecurity in the city and how food banks across the GTA are taking action on these issues.  Our Forklift Instructor Tammy was featured in an inspiring story talking about her journey from food bank user to working here at NYH and the joy that her family felt about her success – you can read it here!

    Last year you raised $727,226 through Sounds of the Season for GTA Food Banks!

    This year we need you more than ever to make sure everyone in our community can access the healthy food they need to thrive!

    Here’s how you can take action:

    Learn more about Sounds of the Season and pledge your support

    Join our Winter Food Drive and help collect food and funds for those who need us most.

    Help us spread the word about food bank use in North Toronto – follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and share your commitment to ending hunger in our community.


  2. Celebrate the Season

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    CBC is at it again! It’s almost time to celebrate the holidays and our community by coming together for CBC’s Sounds of the Season in support of local food banks.

    Every year the event gets better and better, raising food and money to help families in Toronto meet their food needs. Last year Sounds of the Season raised $695,000 & collected 21,000 lbs. of food! 

    Whether you participated last year or haven’t had the chance, we want YOU to be a part of this incredible holiday event! Sounds of the Season runs from November 1st – December 31st and this year you can join our school champion Beaumonde Heights JMS as they lead the charge for NYH.

    You see, for the very first time CBC and the Food Banks are launching the CBC School Food Drive. 5 schools in Toronto have been chosen – each representing a different food bank, to raise food and funds to provide meals for the holiday season.


    As we all know, many people rely on food banks each day to ensure their families don’t go hungry. About 1/3 of people that use food banks in our city are children – and some of those students attend Beaumonde Heights JMS.  I spoke with Tricia, a teacher at the school and she informed me that there are families in their school feeling the crunch of not being able to provide enough food.

    “These students understand what it is like to use a food bank – whether their own family uses the services or if their friends do.  They know how important it is to support others in their community”.

    Beaumonde Heights JMS has hosted food drives for North York Harvest for 14 years! And this year is no different.  All students get involved in the food drive, showing love for their school, neighbours and community.

    beaumonde_logoThey are ready to go with unique fundraising initiatives such as school dances, a “soup kitchen” where students receive a warm meal at lunch and themed food days. Monday is Meat/Protein, Tuesday is Pasta Tuesday, Wednesday is Wah Wah Baby Wednesday, Thursday is Throwback-bring your childhood food favourites and Friday is Heart Smart Fridays!

    The students always have a fun way to join together to help others in need.  Each student is empowered to be an “Agent of Change”. They are encouraged that even though they are young, they can still take that one step to make a difference.

    As a celebration for their incredible work, each school in the School Food Drive will nominate students to join us on December 16 for a huge food sort challenge! CBC’s very own Dwight Drummond has been nominated team captain of Beaumonde Heights JMS. He will inspire the kids in the ways of helping others in their community.


    We are absolutely thrilled to partner with CBC, Beaumonde Heights JMS and other food banks in the city! Together we can work towards a hunger free holiday!

    Want to help Beaumonde Heights JMS raise money in support of the community? Click here to help them out!

    OR You can make a donation to support the event RIGHT NOW to be a part of this wonderful annual tradition! Be sure to designate your gift to North York Harvest Food Bank so you know the food will be distributed to your neighbourhood food bank. You can even join the main event on December 2nd at CBC to hear some incredible music and watch your favourite CBC personalities live in action.

    Curious to learn more about CBC’s Sounds of the Season? Check out all of the festivities here!

    For updates on the exciting School Food Drive – be sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter!

  3. CBC – Bringing Canadians Together

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    CBC has been a part of every Canadian’s life since 1936.  No matter whom you are, what city you’re in, how much money you make, if you were born here or immigrated – you know the CBC.   There’s no easier way for Canadians to feel connected to each other, than by hearing the stories from the CBC.  I’ve never been to Nunavut, but because of the CBC I can hear stories from the families that call it home.

    The CBC brings Canadians together and on December 4, it will be hosting their annual Sounds of the Season bringing us together in support of food banks.  It’s a chance for Canadians to get into the holiday spirit and unite in support of one incredible and worthy cause – feeding your community.   What better way to kick off the season than to be a part of Sounds of the Season?


    Last year $36,906 was raised for North York Harvest  – that’s 110,718 meals for Canadians struggling with hunger. We are incredibly grateful to CBC and everyone that participated and donated to the event.  It really made an impact on the lives of the 13,000 people that North York Harvest serves each month.

    Every year the event is always a roaring success, drawing huge audiences across the country.  This year proves to be no different, with an incredible list of performers on the agenda.  Some of the performers this year will be Francesco Yates, The Toronto Mass Choir, The Heavyweight Brass Band, Terra Lightfoot and many more!

    Even though the weather is cold and frightful, the season still has a warm, cheery feeling when you come together with your community.  Whether you plan on celebrating the holidays or not, join us in celebrating the community and make a huge difference in the lives of people that are hungry.

    So on December 4th and all through December, join North York Harvest and CBC in celebrating this wonderful holiday season!   Click HERE to join in on the festivities! (Don’t forget to designate you gift to NYH)

    Thank you for generously donating to North York Harvest and lighting up the holidays with the gift of food. Because of YOU, families in northern Toronto will not go hungry.

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