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  1. Summer Heroes

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    What if you simply couldn’t afford the food your child needed to be well?

    That’s an issue that I must face each day.  

    My name is Jessica. My 9 year old son, David, lives with a disability. His doctors say he has to avoid processed foods with lots of salt and sugar because they can make his condition worse.

    As you know, it’s much easier to afford processed foods than it is to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and whole grains.  It can be such a struggle just to get a healthy meal on the table.

    That’s why I am so grateful for North York Harvest Food Bank as well as the donors and volunteers that make these programs possible. Being able to visit the food bank makes giving David the food he needs so much easier.

    I know how much these foods matter to families using food banks, not just from the impact they make in my home, but through my volunteer work. I’ve been volunteering at the food bank for as long as I’ve been a client. When we have fresh food to offer, I watch my neighbours faces light up.

    I come home from every volunteer shift knowing I made a difference.

    And we need YOU to help us make a difference more than ever this summer!

    Summer is a difficult time at the food bank. Food donations aren’t as frequent so we have less food to share. With the kids out of school, they don’t have access to school food programs that are vital to their health.

    So many of the families I see at the food bank are going through the same thing. This is why your support is so important right now.

    By making a gift to North York Harvest, they can purchase the food our communities need, so no one is forced to go without during the summer.

    I know what a difference your support of the food bank  makes. Every time I sit down with my kids at the table to share a meal, I feel grateful that I’m part of a community that cares so much about each other.  

    Be a Summer Hero and your impact will be TRIPLED this summer. Every $1 you give, will be stretched to $3 worth of meals for people in need of food in your community! DONATE TODAY!

  2. Hunger Free Summer

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    Summer is fast approaching!

    Kids are looking forward to fun in the sun and no school!  So happy and carefree.

    But those days are not so carefree for many parents and caregivers in our community struggling to make ends meet with the added stress of finding childcare.  You see, the end of school means the end of  a safe space for their children to go while working to keep a roof over their heads.

    The end of the school year also means an end to school breakfast, lunch and snack programs that many parents in your community rely on so much to ensure their kids don’t go without something to eat.

    But there are summer programs that are offered free to low income families made possible through your generous support of North York Harvest!  Fun and supervised activities with belly filling food included, so that parents don’t have to worry and that kids can be kids!

    Programs like the Boys & Girls Club offer free summer day camps – complete with healthy and nutritious meals to keep them fueled for busy days of fun in the sun!  Your support also provides lunches for girls in the Lady Baller’s Club, a summer sports program for young girls in the community, prenatal programs, youth shelters and so much more!

    Summer will be a little easier in your neighbourhood because of  your incredible support! The demand for food and programs for young people increases as the school bell lets kids out for the summer – but your support makes a difference all year long!

    Ensure a hunger free summer for thousands in our city that rely on our services.  As the need for summer meals increases — you can make a difference.

    Please give generously to help kids be kids every day of the year!

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