Right to Food Unrealized: Who’s Hungry Report

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North York Harvest, in partnership with Daily Bread Food Bank and The Mississauga Food Bank, have released the 2019 edition of the Who’s Hungry report. Capturing the voices of food bank clients in the Toronto region, the report tells the story of thousands of people who live in a prosperous region, yet struggle to put food on the table. 

This year’s edition of the Who’s Hungry report focuses on the right to food. It uses data from food bank member agencies and an annual survey of 1,400 food bank clients to provide recommendations on how we can achieve the right to food for all.



Profile of Hunger

The Right to Food means being able to feed yourself and your family in dignity. It is about creating an environment in which people have the physical and economic means to access adequate food with dignity. 

Over 4 million Canadians are food insecure and food bank visits continue to rise across the country. The Who’s Hungry report captures the stories of food insecure households in the Toronto region. These households are unable to meet their food needs as they cannot afford basic necessities like rent and transportation. 

Food insecurity can have long-lasting impacts on mental, physical, and social well-being. For children, food insecurity can lead to poor academic performance, while in adults food insecurity is associated with a higher risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes. 

As part of North York Harvest’s commitment to providing dignified food assistance, education, advocacy, and long-term food solutions, we will continue to collaborate with the other community organizations, the government, and our partners in the private sector to achieve our vision of a community where all members are able to meet their food needs. 


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