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  1. Spring Food Drive

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    Spring is in the air and our office is buzzing!  Okay, yes I admit, these past few weeks have felt like we’ve experienced all four seasons at once – but trust me… Spring is almost here!

    To celebrate the amazing weather on the way, we are kicking off the Spring Food Drive and we want YOU to be a part of it!

    The Spring Drive is so important for making sure that the pantries are stocked during the warmer months to ensure no one has to go without!  Together we can make sure that everyone meets their food needs! 

    Help us raise $100,000 and 100,000 lbs. of food!  Your support will help more than 15,000 people each month using food banks, meal programs, prenatal/early parenting programs, community kitchens and other vital services throughout the city.

    Getting involved with the food drive is a lot of fun and helps so many people! Just ask Lauren, who has been running food drives for more than ten years!


    “I first heard about North York Harvest back in 2005 when I was 14 years old.  A NYH bag came to our house with the local newspaper letting us know how we could help,” says Lauren. “I decided right then to do a food drive. At 14 it was a really cool thing to do. Our first food drive raised 170 pounds and its increased so much since then!”


    Lauren and her parents have made food drives not only a family tradition, but a tradition within their neighbourhood.  “I love going door to door to see everyone in the neighbourhood.  A lot of the people I grew up with still give every year because they know that people rely on our help. It has become a real connection to the community.”

    What are Lauren’s tips for running YOUR food drive?

    • It is much easier than it looks and it is much more rewarding too! Its benefits are huge!
    • We grocery shop as a family and sometimes with a few neighbours as well –add such items as baby formula, canned proteins. Living in a multi-cultural city and community, we also try to contribute spices and different types of food. Click here for a list of suggested foods to donate

    Over 400 people rely on the food bank EVERY DAY.  You can help!

    What are you waiting for? Sign up today to make a huge difference in your community! 

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    Looking for other ways to get involved with the Spring Food Drive?

    Check out the food drive kit that we put together just for you! It has everything you need to run an incredible food drive!

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  2. 2016 Spring Food Drive

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    Every groundhog day, Canada patiently waits to see what Wiarton Willie has to say about how much longer we have to wait out the winter.

    Well… as of February 2, the little critter said we had six more weeks to go and if you’re like me, you can’t wait!  It’s almost time to break out the spring jackets and put away the toques and mittens for another year!  It’s time to walk around in the sunshine surrounded by trees and flowers blossoming and the smell of fresh cut grass.

    Another thing to be excited about is the annual Spring Food Drive It kicks off on February 24 and will propel us into the spring season!


    You make this important event possible each year!  With the food and funds raised during this drive, your neighbours will have enough food to help them get by through off peak times such as the summer.  When kids are on summer vacation, they lack access to the breakfast and lunch programs run by their schools.  But with your help, they will have enough food to give them the energy needed to be healthy and active kids all summer long!

    Don’t let your neighbours in need go hungry!  Help us raise $100,000 & 100,000 lbs. of food this spring and make sure no one in our community goes without food!

    So how can you get involved in this great event?


    Not sure what food to donate?  No problem!  We have a handy list of all of the top needed items at the food bank! If you’re looking through your pantry for items to donate, be sure not to donate anything expired – please check out this blog post on best before dates for more info.

    Because of your generosity, we are able to provide food for over 13,000 parents, children and grandparents every month! 

    Thank you for making a difference today and every day! 

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