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  1. You Make It Happen!

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    This post is all about YOU and how absolutely GRATEFUL we are to have you in the North York Harvest family!

    YOU make it possible to provide food for your neighbours that would otherwise go hungry.

    YOU come out to volunteer, donate funds, show support and be a part of our community.

    Each month your generosity touches more than 15,000 people in Toronto. Thank you!

    Without YOU we wouldn’t have been able to help your neighbours access food this year.

    This year we shared with you stories from many people.  People who were directly impacted because of you.  And those stories are just the tip of the iceberg!


    From Jenna, who started grade four this year and loves science and gym class.  And her mom Trish, who had her hours cut at work.  Trish wasn’t sure how to pay the bills.  YOU ensured that Jenna didn’t go to school hungry!


    img_7197Your support helped Katherine, a dietician at a prenatal drop in program.  With your help, she was able to teach women about healthy eating on a budget.  YOU ensured that they would be able to feed themselves while they were pregnant and continue to provide nutritious meals as their children grow.

    nirajMore than 800 York University students use the campus food bank every week.  YOU made sure that they were able to access the food they needed to help them concentrate on their studies instead of hunger.


    Marlene, a volunteer at a local food bank was able to give her neighbours more than just food when they came in hungry.  She was able to connect them with free services throughout the city to help them with parenting classes, recreational activities, resume building and more.

    Over 300 Syrians fleeing war and violence came to the Oriole Food Space after arriving in Canada.  There they have found more than food for their families, but the opportunity for a new life, work, friends and a chance.  A chance they wouldn’t have gotten without your support.


    And Jennifer who is only 17 years old.  She found herself pregnant and homeless…instead of her original plan to go off to college and start her career.  YOU made sure she was able to feed herself and her son during these tough times.


    These are only some of the people that you helped this year alone!  There are thousands more people that you directly impact through your generosity and support!


    We can’t do it without you and we couldn’t imagine trying!


    Thank you for all you do – it makes a world of difference – to us and the neighbours that you may never know.

  2. Because of YOU!

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    This year because of you amazing things happened!  You made a huge impact in the lives of people in your community that didn’t have enough food to eat!  Your donations, food drives, volunteering and support provided an incredible amount of food to people in Toronto!  Thank you!

    donor impact fy16

    Cheers to another amazing year and onto the next!

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  3. Get Involved with Us!

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    Join us as we strive for a Hunger Free Toronto!

    There are many options to get involved and help our neighbours that are hungry!  Together we can provide healthy food for people in our community.

    Run a Food and Funds Drive!

    There are many different ways to run a Food and Funds Drive – from bake sales, to jeans day to games at a fair. It’s easy and a fun way to team build with your family, friends or coworkers!

    Just contact Leslie or Click Here to get started.

    Get more great tips on how to Amp Up Your Food and Funds Drive!



    Attend an Event with Us

    Getting together for an event is so much fun!

    We’re in your community at BBQ’s, concerts, festivals and more. Come and see us soon!




    There are so many great volunteer opportunities to help people meet their food needs!  You could volunteer in the food bank serving clients, help out in the warehouse, hop on the truck to deliver food, join us at events and much more.  Check out our volunteer opportunities.


    Make a Donation

    Your support directly impacts the lives of thousands of adults, seniors and children in our city and ensures that our neighbours have enough to eat.  DONATE TODAY!


    Donate Food

    You can pick up some extra items and drop them off at your local grocery store or fire hall. Or you can make a donation right to the warehouse (including fresh items) at 116 Industry Street.  Not sure what to donate? Check out our list of top suggested food items.



    Get Social!

    Let’s get together on social media!  We’d love to hear from you on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn!


    Sign Up for the E News!



    Whichever way you choose to get involved – we are happy to have you!  Thank you so much!

  4. Media Appreciation Week

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    We as a species are very curious and we want to know the facts.  Whether the story is the good, the bad or the ugly – I want to know what is going on in the world around me.  And I know how lucky we are to live in a country where freedom of speech is a protected right.  This is why I’m thankful that at any time I can pick up a newspaper and find out what’s going on in the world or I can hop online for the latest stories.  Whether it’s missing capybaras, politics or the many devastating stories that have happened in the world lately.  We want to be informed.

    This is why the media is so important.  They share our stories.  They connect us.  Without them, we would be isolated from each other and the rest of the world. From everyday issues to disasters, from pop culture to international developments the media is there to gather all the facts and bring awareness to us all.

    Here at North York Harvest we know that what’s happening in your community is something that you care about.  We want you to hear stories about the lives of our neighbours in need and the impact you are having.  But we know that when we have a great story to tell or want to share about the food drive that is running, sometimes our reach just isn’t big enough.

    And that’s when amazing members of the media step in to spread the word. 


    And so we this is why we are launching our first ever North York Harvest Food Bank Media Appreciation week.  So often the amazing media is there, sharing our stories, making sure the people in our community know more about hunger in Toronto, the food bank and people who need to use it.

    We are incredibly grateful. 

    All week we will be shouting out to the amazing media members in our community bringing us all closer together!

    To kick us off we turned the tables and interviewed Fannie Sunshine who has been a reporter with Metroland for almost 16 years and covering stories at NYH.  She’s been there for release of the Hot Pot Cookbook , our big move to the Learning Enrichment Foundation, to join us in receiving incredible donations and for much more.


    Because of Fannie’s incredible storytelling, we feel more connected to our community and think they know us a bit better too.

    So it’s time to get to know Fannie better …


    What made you get into journalism?

    I always liked writing and telling stories from a young age.  It came naturally.

    Why do you think media is important?

    I think we have a role to play in getting stories out to the public and letting them know what is happening.   It’s important to know what people are talking about.

    As the media, we have a responsibility to do it right.  People are curious and want to know what is happening in their city or streets.  They want to know about things that affect their daily lives.

    Why do you think freedom of speech is important? 

    I think people have the right to be passionate and say what they feel is on their mind.  Not everyone agrees or has the same point of view – people have a right to stand up for what they believe.  I would never want it to be restricted and it’s important in our society.

    How do you feel about the trust between the media and the public in regards to reporting truth and covering important issues? 

    In my experience – if it’s a hot topic, the community really wants their voice heard.  Sometimes they are pleased with how it is, sometimes they aren’t.  We must go to both sides to tell the story and try to convey their point of view as best as we can.  Not everyone will be satisfied, but the other side needs to be heard.  I try my best to get their message across.

    Why do you think it’s important to write about the food bank?

    People need to know that food banks exist whether or not they are clients.  They should know about what is in their community and where they can go to drop food off.  The food bank is an important organization to have in our city – some people might think they will never need it but you never know what can happen.   We should support causes in our neighbourhoods.  I want to inspire people to contribute to the cause.

    Without reporters like Fannie and all of the other incredible members of the media out there – we wouldn’t be able to share our stories with you in the same way.

    And so we want YOU to know:  You truly make an impact! Thank you to all our incredible local media for covering these stories.

    Do you work for the Media?  Hit us up and tell us why you think Media is important.

    Have you loved reading an article about the food bank or hunger in Toronto?  Join us in showing  your appreciation for these fantastic people on Facebook & Twitter using the hashtag #mediaappreciation



  5. Amp Up Your Food & Funds Drive!

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    One of the best ways of getting involved with your community is by holding your very own food & funds drive!  This is an awesome way of collecting money and non-perishable items that will go towards providing many meals for your neighbours in need!

    Did you know that there are MANY ways to raise food and funds that are exciting and fun?

    Check out some of these great ideas!

    Host a talent show!

    Invite the entire school including parents and the surrounding community!  You can charge 2 cans for admission and have us come and support you! Don’t forget to live tweet everything!



    Have a street or parking lot party!

    Put out a food collection bin and run a carnival and BBQ. Game tickets can go towards NYH!


    Cram a bus!

    Cram a bus with as much food as (safely) possibly and join us at the food bank!  We would love to give you a tour and show you how we sort the food!


     joe banana

    Dress Down (or Up) for Work

    In order for an employee to come wearing something other than usual, they must bring two cans of food or a monetary donation.


    Host a Competition for Who Brings in the Most Food & Funds

    Give out prizes like:

    • most food collected per site/office/classroom
    • collected the most money
    • best photos of the food collection staging


    Host a Silent Auction or Raffle

    Funds raised from your event will help support over 13,000 people a month with their food needs!


    Host a Dance

    Attendees can bring food or a donation to the food bank as their entrance fee.  You can even have a dance off to find out who has the best moves!



    Have a Garage Sale

    Clean out your unwanted items (one person’s trash can be another’s treasure!) while raising money for your neighbours that are hungry!


    Still not sure what kind of fun ideas there are when helping your community? Check out this great list of 87 IDEAS!

    Ready to have a great time and provide meals to your neighbours that are hungry? Contact Leslie at leslie@northyorkharvest.com or 416-635-7771 ex 21 TODAY!


  6. 2016 Spring Food Drive

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    Every groundhog day, Canada patiently waits to see what Wiarton Willie has to say about how much longer we have to wait out the winter.

    Well… as of February 2, the little critter said we had six more weeks to go and if you’re like me, you can’t wait!  It’s almost time to break out the spring jackets and put away the toques and mittens for another year!  It’s time to walk around in the sunshine surrounded by trees and flowers blossoming and the smell of fresh cut grass.

    Another thing to be excited about is the annual Spring Food Drive It kicks off on February 24 and will propel us into the spring season!


    You make this important event possible each year!  With the food and funds raised during this drive, your neighbours will have enough food to help them get by through off peak times such as the summer.  When kids are on summer vacation, they lack access to the breakfast and lunch programs run by their schools.  But with your help, they will have enough food to give them the energy needed to be healthy and active kids all summer long!

    Don’t let your neighbours in need go hungry!  Help us raise $100,000 & 100,000 lbs. of food this spring and make sure no one in our community goes without food!

    So how can you get involved in this great event?


    Not sure what food to donate?  No problem!  We have a handy list of all of the top needed items at the food bank! If you’re looking through your pantry for items to donate, be sure not to donate anything expired – please check out this blog post on best before dates for more info.

    Because of your generosity, we are able to provide food for over 13,000 parents, children and grandparents every month! 

    Thank you for making a difference today and every day! 

    Sign up for updates from North York Harvest!

  7. We Had a Great 2015!

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    2015 was a great year at North York Harvest Food Bank and it couldn’t have been done without you!

    Enjoy our 2015 year in review video!


    We can’t wait to see what 2016 holds!

  8. Winter Food Drive 2015

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    It’s that time of year!  When your family will celebrate another year shared together.  Usually the celebrations feature an abundance of wonderful food – so much food that it can cause many to start thinking about their new year’s resolutions.

    Though filling your belly with delicious and decadent foods is part of a holiday tradition, it starts to make me think of my neighbours in need.  While many people will be indulging in large dinners and treats, too many other people in our city won’t even have enough food to put on the table.

    It’s not just the food, its knowing there is someone in our community we can trust, someone who will be there for us.” – Isha – Read Isha’s Story

    That someone is  YOU!

    This December over 13,000 children, parents and grandparents will come to the food bank.  Because of YOU, they will receive the food they need to feed their families.

    Join us this December to Light Up the Holidays with the Gift of Food!

    The Winter Food Drive starts today with a goal of raising $250,000 and 250,000 lbs. of food.

    Together we can make a huge difference.


    Get involved and sprinkle a little extra joy into the holiday season.

    Not sure what kind of items to donate?  Here’s a handy list of food items that are in high demand, especially around this time of year. (Don’t forget – no expired food please)

    The top 5 needed items are:

    • Baby Food
    • Canned fish
    • Canned chickpeas and other beans
    • Cooking oil (personal sized bottles)
    • Soup

    You can provide hope and joy to a family in need this holiday season!

    Thank you for generously supporting your community!



    Don’t forget to sign up for our Enews!